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Alanya Castle

The distance between Alanya Castle and Sunis Elita Beach Resort Hotel & Spa is only 52 km and 65 minutes away.

The castle is 6.5 kilometers long and the Alanya Castle is located on a peninsula rising 250 meters from the sea ... The settlement on the Alanya peninsula, also known as Kandeleri, is the work of 13th century Seljuk which is a historical texture that has been dated down to the Hellenistic turn. The castle was built by the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat who took the city in 1221 and rebuilt it. The castle has 83 towers and 140 burcu. In the middle ages, the city was settled in the city walls and nearly 400 cisterns were built to supply water. Some of the cisterns are still used today. The walls were built in such a way that Ehmedek, İçkale, Adam Atacağı, Cilvarda nose, Arab Houses Burcu and Esat Burcu descend to tophane and shipyard and end at Kızılkule.

At the summit of the peninsula, there is an open-air museum. Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat built the palace here ... Kalede settlement continues today. In front of wooden and pagan historical houses, silk and cotton weaving is done on wooden benches, water pumpkins are painted in different figures and authentic food service is given in small gardens. There are also restaurants and cafeterias on the way to the hill and on the dominant slopes of the lima. The castle is open to vehicle traffic. Walking can take about 1 hour.

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Apollo Temple: Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra's Meeting Point

The Apollo Temple - Sunis Elita Beach Resort Hotel & Spa is just 21 km away and 28 minutes away.

A visit to the ruins of the Apollo Temple offers a fascinating experience for lovers of romance and history. The Apollo Temple, believed to be the place where Anthony met Cleopatra, was made a sign of Cleopatra's love and her love for him.

Even without a romantic perspective, the Temple of Apollo is a magnificent architectural heritage dating back to the 2nd century AD. What is different from the other temples of this age is an anchamber, which is a pair of Corinthian columns. The god of light and music was built in honor of Apollo.

Manavgat waterfall

The distance between Manavgat Waterfall and Sunis Elita Beach Resort Hotel & Spa is only 14 km and 19 minutes away.

Manavgat river flows from narrow and steep slopes and forms manavgat waterfalls at a distance of 80 km to Antalya. Although the waters of the Manavgat river, which is 93 km long, are poured from a height of less than 3-4 meters, it is worth seeing because it is over a very large area.

The Manavgat river was formed by the gathering of many professions from the Satan mountains of the Taurus Mountains. Surrounding the Manavgat waterfall are green areas where you can find peace and rest, listening to picnicking, viewing terraces and restaurants where you can eat fish.

It plays an important role in meeting the water need of Manavgat region which is the biggest river of Antalya region. The water content of the Manavgat waterfall, which has been decreasing for a period of time, has returned to normal and this waterfall has been registered as a natural immovable property that needs to be protected. When you go to the Manavgat waterfall, we recommend you to take a boat tour in the river if you have the time.

bridge Canyon

The distance between Köprülü Kanyon and Sunis Elita Beach Resort Hotel & Spa is only 82 km and 90 minutes away.

Canyonlands with 5-6 million annual visitors and locals the place is located between Antalya and Turkey's most visited. Turkey has the largest national assembly by the national park was declared in the year 1973 36.614 hectares, deer in this wide area, mountain goats, bears, foxes, wolves, rabbits, weasels, badgers, protecting the natural environment of wild animals such as wild boar and proliferation are provided.

Köprülü Canyon has its historical monuments, natural beauties, tens of thousands of species of vegetation and variety, turquoise green color and flowing with Köprüçay River and our slogan; It is called Heaven in the world.

Köprülü Canyon National Park river canyon, rafting, river hike, jeep safari, ATV safari, cycling trips, horse rides, river side camping, canyon pass, rock climbing, wildlife surveillance, steel rope and high rope trails, river river fish hunting, swine and deer hunting, mountain goat hunting and many other activities.

Selge Antique city, Oluk Bridge, St. Paul's Walking Route are among the places where you can visit the main places to visit.

Aspendos Ancient City and Theater

The Aspendos Theater - Sunis Elita Beach Resort Hotel & Spa is only 48 km away and 49 minutes away.

When Aspendos is mentioned, the mythology that comes to mind about this first town comes to mind. In ancient times there is a king, and this king now has a daughter who has come to the age of marriage. The king wants to marry his daughter, but it will not be so easy to choose a wife worthy of her daughter. He says that I will give my daughter to do something that can be beneficial to city and humanity. On this, young people of the city try to produce something with very different creativities. But there are two architects who make wonderful works. One builds aqueducts and one is a huge theater. The King likes both, but decides to give the architect daughter who built the aqueducts thinking that it is more beneficial to bring water to the people. However, the girl goes to the theater together with another hearted girl and says to her father to see the theater once more and to decide so. The architect who built the theater at that time put his hands on the orchestra of the theater and speaks to himself. At the top of the theater, the king and daughter are looking at the grandeur of the theater unaware of the architect. But when the architect repeats himself - the king's daughter and I should get married again, the king can not believe in the magnificence of this acoustics and changes his mind. Because according to the king, this architect has created something extraordinary and someone who can do it will do more for his daughter. Zenon, the son of Aspendos lu Theodorus, the architect of the magnificent theater. Their weddings are in this theater. Even today you can still see both the aqueducts and the famous theater.

Aspendos was one of the wealthy port cities of antiquity and it was founded in the 10th century BC by Akalar where the mountainous region reaches 8 km east of the Serik district. Aspendos, one of the most important cities of Pamphylia, has been enlarged to spread on two small hills, one big and the other. Aspendos was the capital city of the Attic Sea Union which coins in the 5th century BC.

The theater you mentioned about mythology was built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD. When this theater was built, it was dedicated to the gods of the city and the family of the emperor, believed at that time. The theater is still in full bloom today and is one of the most popular festivals and concert venues.

The aqueducts mentioned in mythology are certainly one of the places that should not be missed. These aqueducts, one of the rare examples that have survived from ancient times, flood the city water for 1 km from the mountains in the north with its magnificent architecture. The water was transported to the water towers by the channels on the arches from the height of 15m and the city was distributed from there. These arches were built by the architect named Tiberius Claudius Italicus in the 2nd century AD.